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Machine generated alternative text: e!’flrenr Singia Lauros Shmtast Pach
Shortest Paths in a DAC
If G is a DAG. we perform a topological ordering of the vertices. Suppose
the resulting ordering is v. ,. Then we find all the shortest paths in
G with source vi.
Note: This algorithm is correct even if there are negative-weight edges.
Algorithm: DAC Shortest paths(G. u’. vi)
for j — 1 to n
do 5u] 4— X
jr[vJ t— undefined
D[vi] 4— ()
for j *— 1 to n — 1
for all t” E Ãdj[v’
d (if D[vJ + w(vj,v’) < D{v’]
do  then ¡D[v’:4—Dvi)+u’(viv’)
t 1*14—vi
return (D, n)
DtStinsan (SCS) I— Wnse. 2015 160/lU
AH-Pairs Lnsetczt Paths
AIl-l-’airs Shortest Paths
All-Pairs Shortest Paths
Instance: A dfrected graph G = (V E, ana a weignt matrix W, where
W[i. j] denotes the weight of edge ¿j, lõr all ¿J E V-, j 
Find: For all pairs of vertices u. t’ E V, u  t’, a directed path P from u
to u such that
w(P) =  TVi.j]
is minimized. _____________
We allow edges to have negative weights. but we assume there are no
negative-weight directed cycles in G.
Wbitar. 2015 161 1 164
Machine generated alternative text: I  All-Pairs Sis6czs Paths
4— 1 to n
£— oc
for k ÷— 1 to n
do £ 4— min{É. Lrn_j [1. k] ± w{k. j] }
L,4i.j] 4— £
(or j .— 1 to n
Lm[i.j] 4— £
First Solution
Algorithm: S:
L  W
for in 4— 2 to n — 1
for j i— 1 to n
for j
do do{ do
return (La_1)
second Solution
All-Pairs £nsetczs Paths
Algorithm: FasterAÍlPairs5hortestPath(W)
L1  W
while in < n — 1
(for j .— 1 to n
Wbissr. 2015 162 / 164
Et— oc
for k 4— 1 to n
do Li— rnin{LLm,Lk] ±Lm2[k.j])
1m 4— 2m
return (Lin)
Dt SUman (SCS)
Wb,sa. 2015 16] 164
Machine generated alternative text: All-Pairs S* Paths
Third Solution
Algorithm: Floyd Warshall(W)
for Tfl 4— 1 to TI
(for j t— 1 to n
do (forj*—ltondo
do Vm[jtil t— min{D j[i.jj.Drn 1[i.m’ —D, i:m,i]}
return (Da)
Wflssr. 2015 164 / 164


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